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that a great performance by romney tonight could change the dynamic. >> this is big stakes. this is really an opportunity where people -- >> tonight is a huge debate. >> all right, so however on the eve of the first debate, duelling videos were released featuring president obama and paul ryan, but is either a game changer? and team romney seized on an unforced error made by joe biden on the campaign trial. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> the middle class in america is hurting. >> the middle class has been buried the last four years. >> kristen welker and peter alexander are with the obama and romney campaigns in these final hours before the first match-up, the debate tonight. we begin with kristen in nevada with the president. the president will travel to colorado in just a matter of hours. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. president obama will take off for denver in just a few hours. i'm told he'll have a little bit of down time with the first lady before the debate. he'll also do a walk through of the venue.
. the pressure is certainly on, on mitt romney to perform and is a must-win situation. on the flip side of that for presume a it's a must not lose situation as well and here we are a month away from the election and the stakes are high here tonight, even though both campaigns tend to downplay the expectations. make no mistake, the pressure is on, brian. >> are you getting a sense from puppedits that mitt romney has the experience and that perhaps president obama has a stronger hold on some of the national- international topics because he deals with it every day? >> reporter: right, who the international topic comes into play is yet to be seen on domestic policy tonight, but you're right about mitt romney. there were some 43 hours of debate time during 23 debates during the gop primary season. so he is well-versed in this and there are a lot of people on that stage during most debates. it's one-on-one and those two men have not generally seen each other face-to-face. i think three or four times and not for 90 minutes at one sitting. so, it will be interesting to see how much interaction
romney performs. but if romney doesn't really make the case strongly, the president doesn't necessarily have to jump on him. >> he can say at the end he didn't answer. >> he can say at the end he didn't answer the question. >> let lehrer try it. >> but i think the obama campaign is leery of being -- they need to be a little aggressive. they need to take -- >> what's the best defense? >> good offense. >> i would recommend the president. why did the cavalry leave the fort to fight the indians? do you know why? >> why. >> they're cavalry. thank you. >>> coming up, we have a new scoreboard. not like in the old days but spinners will be there. let's watch the power of the tweeter, the twitter, what's going to happen? we'll have people talking about real life, in time, while it's actually happening telling us who's winning this thing and which candidate did a better job framing the argument, deflecting criticism. we'll look at body language, too. how they stand, what they look like. caught on tape, running mate's edition yesterday. the tou"the huffington post" qu paul ryan as saying conservat
, breaks going to obama's side. the romney performance overseas when he blew that thing with cameron. the masterful performance by bill clinton where he reset the clock on the economy. of course, this 47%. these breaks have been going toward obama, haven't they? i mean, i can't think the last time romney got a break. >> reporter: no, really not since -- you have to go back, i would say, to may or june at the earliest to come up with a time where you feel like romney was controlling the narrative, controlling the tempo of this campaign. and then, you're right, didn't catch a break. it starts with the health care ruling at the end of june that somehow goes obama's way and then it marched through july, he takes a week off. a lot of people question that. then he ends up doing this overseas trip, as you point out. they blew their convention. blew an opportunity there. one thing about romney is he's had more experience going into a big debate behind than any other candidate at this point in time. i mean, he had this a couple of times. he needed a good debate performance to save himself in
performance by romney could change everything. >> the debate night that could change everything. >> of course the night could change everything. >> yes, the debate could change everything. the past two years of relentless campaigning will mean jack squat. total reset back to year zero of america. we will abandon the cities and seek refuge in cliff side caves speaking only in hushed tones about the time man stole fire from the sky. money for our currency should be blood sacrifice offered to our new rulers, a race of superintergent feral cats. (laughter) oh, show us your mercy, whiskered ones. (laughter) or-- or romney could get a two-point bump. either way it's news. (laughter) right now, folks, the obama people where are december it fromly trying to lower expectations. it's sad, just listen to obscene your advisor and anthropomorphized vanishing sound david plouffe. (laughter) jim? >> we've accepted that governor romney will have a good night. he's prepared more than any candidate in himselfry and shown himself to be a good debater through the years. we're sure he'll put on quite a show wedne
. >> no, rick, i'll tell you what -- 10,000 bucks? >> reviewed romney performances with his debate coach during the gop primaries. is mitt romney coachable when it comes to that? >> absolutely. absolutely. he was, he's a great student of political debate. he works verhard at it. >> brett o'donnell says it is proo romney is a quick study. >> all i want to do is allow the grandmother to be here legally with some rights. >> our problem is not 11 million grandmothers. our problem is -- thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or geico...as most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of
. to give you a sense of just how crucial his performance is, romney aides brought podiums into his hotel conference room late today to help him simulate the real thing. fueling up for an afternoon study session today. >> governor, are you ready for tomorrow? >> i'm getting there. >> reporter: mitt romney, who has been for weeks practicing zingers to sharply critique the president, may have gotten help from an unlikely ally. vice president joe biden campaigning today in north carolina. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class has been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify raising their taxes? >> reporter: the romney campaign quickly seized on that comment. arguing the president's policies have hurt the middle class. taking a breather from his preparations outside las vegas today, the president visited the hoover dam. >> it's spectacular and i've never seen it before. >> reporter: aides say he's been calling his family to unwind each night. while the two campaigns have gone out of their way to lower expectations, surrogates on both sides today ack
ended up losing to him in a real squeaker. and romney's performance in the last of the five debates is credited with winning the largely democratic state. so who better to talk about what we should be looking for, what we can expect strategiwise, in that debate tonight is shannon o'brien, joining me live from boston. welcome, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i've watched a lot of debates, read about the debates, and you were tough. and when you look at some of the polls, you were up by, shannon, as much as eight points. so what i want to know in those maybe the fourth or the fifth debate there, what happened, specifically what did mitt romney do that, you know, really helped him beat you? >> well, one, i think we see a similar pattern, one, he spent a lot of money on negative advertising, about 3.5 to 1 over the money we spent in the campaign. but in that final debate i think he got a lot better as a debater. first two debates, many people think that i won those two debates, whatever that decision is, but in the last debate, i think that he really came into his own, he was very p
romney and president obama tonight. the polls show a dead heat. can romney deliver the performance that's needed to shake up this race? let's ask somebody who has actually gone up against romney on the debate stage and lives to tell the tale. joining us now is former republican presidential candidate herman cain. how was it debating romney? was he cut and slash? what's he like and what can you tell us about tonight? >> number one, governor romney will be the most prepared person on that stage. secondly, he will have the deepest depth of knowledge on that stage. i know that firsthand from going up against him. and here's the other thing i don't think a lot of people are expecting. his likability will come through because he has gotten a bad rap about this likability factor. but he will be the most prepared. he will also have the most depth of knowledge and he will have every opportunity to back obama into a corner on all of the major issues. >> let me ask you on that, backing him into a corner. romney had some spectacular debates, not all of them. but in florida he took newt gingrich out
weeks, both campaigns have been trying to lower spectateses for their performance, mitt romney appears to have won that. the gal hop poll -- gallup poll shows most americans think president obama will win the debates which is what romney wanted people to think so he could overcome lower expectations and appear to overachieve tonight but it shows a certainant of doubt in the american public about his debate skills. he has reached a point in the last few days where he recognizes there is a industry amount riding on this and he has to show to the american people he is a capable, able, and likable would-be president who provides necessary specifics to persuade people that there is a reasonable affirmative vote they can cast in his favor. that does not exclude his ability to go after president obama and make the case with the biden remark from yesterday about the middle class being buried, or the president's remarks about redistribution going back several years, that the obama agenda will not like the economy. >>shepard: what superstitions does your candidate have? >>carl: no real hard work
, 51% to 29% think that president obama will do better than mitt romney. >>> rocker jon bon jovi is busy this week doing performances to support president obama. he has two appearances in iowa on friday. las vegas on saturday and on sunday he's going to perform at an obama fund raiser with stevie wonder and katie peri. this always sells. the web side bat lip reading is choosing paul ryan for its next victim after previous satires of president obama and mitt romney. they reworked a ryan video substituting different bizarre words as only bad lip reading could do. take a listen. >> i went into a starbucks building and everyone started collapsing. and i went to steve-o. he said he slipped into the future. he said ask about the special because it's doughnut day. >> that will never get old. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> and now here's your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,482 after losing 32 points yesterday. the s&p was up a point and the nasdaq gained six. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the ni
are really getting tight to such a degree that a great performance by romney tonight could change the dynamic. >> i don't think it is quite that close yet. you certainly see an issue in florida and virginia. wisconsin it looks like it is widening. iowa is 4-6. and the problem by taking michigan and pennsylvania off the table which the romney people have done you have to almost run that table. you can't afford just to win florida and north carolina. >> we are showing iowa an eight point spread. north carolina also is in the margin of error. and then you have colorado a five point spread. you have done this. nevada a two point spread. some of the races are bunching up but you have run a campaign before. no republicans have won without ooohio. if mitt romney loses ohio we are still a month out if he loses oohio he has to do what george w. bush did in 2000 and run the board. >> it is headed the right direction. >> he can do it. >> late september early october 2000 we were down three to five points. george bush went on to win all three debates and was up three. it is absolutely possible. i think t
as such a big moment for mitt romney to perform that when he doesn't perform up to par, because let's just face it, he hasn't performed very well for the last year and a half or last five years or seven years this guy's been running for president for a long time, but he hasn't performed very well, but the republicans basically waiting for him to screw up so then they can take all their money out of the presidential race and focus on house and senate races to try to safe the congress and go ahead and write off the mitt romney campaign. >> huh. well, you know, i'm not sure they're up to that point yet. the motivating factor of defeating obama is something that does unify their party which is a party they need reunification. you have all these distant wings fighting each other and battling back and forth. they all agree beating obama is a good idea. they don't know mitt romney is the best person to do it. it's interesting in that it would be kind of the acknowledgment, i think that people didn't really like mitt romney that much, going into the general election and they don't seem that thrilled wi
the same scenario that is set up for romney to give his two best debate performances in florida, which we just saw there. exactly where we are now in the campaign and that is his -- you know, he might feel like his back is against the wall, his type of debate, no one debate prep fits all. if you look at the difference of the "tonight show," johnny carson liked the audience to be away from him. and jay leno likes to be amongst the audience and both were equally as funny doing the same job. the type of debate we'll see tomorrow night suits romney's strengths and he has the ability to stay on -- stay on the offensive and really call out obama. >> yeah. >> on some of the things, just like with newt. >> professor, it's interesting. professor obama, not without his own weaknesses, hasn't debated since 2008. some criticize him for being long-winded. professorial. no offense, professor. and there was this moment when he debated hillary clinton. let's take a look. >> he's very likeable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likeable enough, hillary. >> i appreciate that. >> a fi
. mitt romney knows a breakthrough performance could reshape his campaign. and president barack obama is determined to avoid mistakes that could alter his case for a second term. but an old video of the president is stirring new controversy. fox's doug luzader with the story. >> reporter: we always look for a last minute wrinkle before each debate and this may be it. conservatives are talking up a video of the president in 2007, and something the obama campaign is responding to. >> everybody give an extraordinary welcome to my pastor, jeremiahia wright. >> reporter: then senator obama adopted an accent and make what some see as racially charged comments with hurricane katrina. >> tells me somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> reporter: conservatives already talking about what the president said and how he said it. >> i'm very surprised at the incredible southern accent, the president who was born in hawaii and lived in chicago. >> reporter: the obama campaign says this is an attempt to distract voters from the video of mitt romney, where he says 47%
is inevitably a candidate for the wealthy as well is a big part of what's been killing romney's campaign. because of the president's advantages with minority voters and young voters, romney has always needed to perform well with economically anxious whites and above all with noncollege educated and has been underperforming. how does he tonight turn that around? >> well, this is really one of the very first times he gets in an unfettered way to be able to explain that he's not there to try to do what that gentleman suggests but there to create opportunity and move the entire country forward. that's why he's running. i've been to more than 100 events in small private settings, bigger halls. i have to tell you, he does connect with people, he has a vision about this country, he's about competency and making this country move forward, the economics of this country, getting people back to work. that's what i think he'll be abe to share against the president in a way sharing a vision for the country and, you know, challenging the president's record. >> george will in "the washington post" has
romney or obama performed good or bad as candidates will affect the economy. many other things come into play. host: thanks to all of the students who joined us this morning from a diversity of denver. also thanks to comcast, who made today's visit with them possible. let's get another phone call in from richmond, virginia. michelle is on the democrat's line. caller: i have a comment and a question. it took eight years for us to get into the place we are in. no one spoke upon during those eight years as to what is going on. since president obama has taken office, republicans have obstructed a lot of things that could have helped to propel us into a better stage. the president has certain powers he could use. do you think he has exhausted those powers that could have moved us in a more progressive way? guest: i understand the question. it represents a the frustration of a lot of democrats and they wish more credit be done. the problem is, the president has limited powers. what else could be done? sometimes it is as if you think obama is refusing to use his magical powers, and of cour
from victory park in dallas. have a good night, everybody. >[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> president obama and mid romney will debate here tonight at the university of denver. preparations are underway. reporters are looking at what it might look like. tomorrow night's debate focuses on domestic policy, with a segment on the role of government and health care. another journalist writes, after the opening answer, is up for moderator's to decide when a moderator has gone on for too long. our coverage begins tomorrow night with a preview at 7:00 eastern. at 9:00, jim lehrer moderates the debate. after the debates, your calls, e-mail, and tweets. you can follow our live coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and online at c-span.org. coming next, a preview of the presidential debates. scholars examined whether presidential debates still matter. that is followed by a journalist howard kurtz looking at the role of social media in the 2012 elections. another live debate on c-span 2 tonight between jay ins
outcomes, the way i see it tonight. someone that romney really does get some kind of a lift out of this it's a command performance, maybe some kind of slipup by obama. you think of john kerry in the first debate in 2004. maybe romney is able to revive his campaign tonight. the second possibility is, you know, something goes wrong for romney, he actually loses this debate. obviously that would be terrible for him now the third possibility, to be honest, probably the most likely one is nothing happens it is pace basically a draw, maybe 90 minutes of dull and boring television if that happens, the status quo in this vase affirmed. the status quo in this race has been a steady, stub burn three or four-point lead for barack obama and at that point, romney would be running out of big-moment opportunities to turn this thing around. that's what i'm looking for. here with us now in denver, we have howard fineman, the "huffington post" media group. said he is the buffalo bob of our show. >> now i'm don meredith because don meredith always used to say on monday night football, when the game was nearl
romney as the loser no matter how he performs. bill, welcome back to the program. some are saying no matter what governor romney does tonight the headlines in the newspapers tomorrow will be -- you know, romney struggles to make it case. romney's campaign is in trouble. what say you? >> reporter: i think there are two different dispositions here. i'm irish. when i watch the debate i tend to think my guy lost unless he really creamed the other guy. way i think of these debates and the mainstream channels handle them is like the music man. president obama is like professor harold hill. he sold these people all these band uniforms and instruments and he has this krissy system that doesn't teach them how to play. then it's a climate i can scene at the end. the town, the mayor, they think they have the fraud uncovered because they are going to make it kids play. but what happens? the moms and dads say that's my barney. that what we are going to get. it's not going to be the headlines tomorrow. it will be right after the debate. that's my barack. it's not that they set out to say we are
, barack obama and mitt romney are getting ready for their first face-to-face spar on television. the two presidential nominees have spent hours learning lines and performing mock debates in order to beat their opponent and win over a television audience of tens of millions. critics will be watching as we move and listening to every move. what can they learn from their predecessors? the first television debate was in black and white in 1960. it was argued that john f. kennedy had shown richard nixon mainly because of the way he looked on screen. do these debates boil down to style over substance? we're joined by brian callahan who coaches government and industry leaders in public speaking. how much do looks matter in this? if nixon had sweated less in that clip that we just saw, would he have done better? >> i think he would have. particularly since it was the dawn of television and people were getting visual cues for the first time. when senator kennedy looked much more comfortable than nixon, that played very much to his advantage. >> well, let's take a look at the presidential debate n
. romney is going to get some elevation just by standing on stage next to barack obama. if he ends up putting a performance that is not zinger filled, that contrasts with our expectations and ends up looking pretty good uch there, there will be a lot of people who say he won the debate. >> mitt romney goes into the debate at a 52% favorability rating with voters. mitt romney at a 42% favorability rating. i don't know how he makes that up in 90 minutes of a debate. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks lawrence. >> snack cakes. >>> coming up, the 47% effect. new polls show just how much the tapes have hert mitt romney. and he was caught in a lie today about his secret tax returns. >>> and in voter suppression news, a big win for voters in a pennsylvania courtroom today. and in the rewrite, the only way mitt romney can win the debate, it was all laid out for him by the best republican presidential debater ever, who was of course a fictional character in the t.v. series olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small busines
, looks like he has a pulse -- >> if you went to mitt romney's rally this week compared to february, you would see no appreciable performance. if he can do it, rise to occasion, explain why he would be a better president, do it tonight in front of tens and millions. >> i saw him do that twice. the day he picked ryan, he was alive and also at the convention acceptance speech. i thought that was a great performance. >> no one comes back from a deficit without reaching inside of themselves and seizing the moment. he did it the night of the new hampshire primary. i've seen him do it a few other times. he's not going to do it consistently. >> the second answer we'll know. >> i think you'll see it in his -- look, he has never disappointed in a debate but i think he needs to do more than hold his own. he needs to -- >> so i see them as one boxer -- there's this boxer, one punch and it's the economy and then i see obama who is a better boxer, he can move around fast, in and out. obama is going to try to avoid that punch. that is boom. how come the economy is so bad? >> the president has been in
people tomorrow night if he has a good performance. on the other hand, as governor chris christie said over the weekend, if mitt romney comes in and is able to hold his own or even get a few good jabs in, he could get a bit of a bounce. he's been struggling. this is an important debate. the first one's always important. it set acetone and tenor for the others. >> jennifer: i love the fact we have these ringside seats for history in the making. we have unearthed a radio clip from the very first -- as far as we know, the very first official presidential debate. it was from a primary match-up between thomas dewey and harold stacken in 1948. lea take a -- let's take a listen to dewey. >> i'm wholeheartedly, unswervingly against any esteemed laws outlawing people because of their religious political, social or economic ideas. i'm against it because it's a violation of the constitution of the united states and bill of rights and clearly so. >> jennifer: something about that language that is fantastic. how important were the
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